Business Consulting and Funding


Business agility and innovation are essential requirements for companies today.

Disruptive forces are impacting companies like never before as threats are emerging in the most unlikely places. Companies are struggling to adapt in an agile manner, and keep pace with innovation. Plus, customer expectations are increasing and evolving at an ever-increasing rate.

To adapt, companies must innovate by introducing:

  • New products or services
  • New approaches to service fulfillment and the delivery of unmatched customer experiences
  • New business models that allow customers to gain value more directly and with less effort

Market players who envision opportunities that their competitors miss and then transform their organization to make these opportunities a reality can gain significant market share. Companies who are unable to make strategic decisions, communicate direction and turn strategy into action under-perform significantly in the marketplace.  

Having a well thought-out strategy to address these opportunities is as important as ever. Our business strategy experts help clients navigate this journey.

Business funding.

Smarter Atlanta helps your business get funded. For business that are looking for a business loan we guide you through the steps and requirements it takes to qualify. For businesses looking to raise capital or for funding Smarter Atlanta will walk you though raising capital and help your business get funding. Credit scores, annual revenue, business plan and collateral are the four cornerstones of most business loan applications. But note that there are many other supporting documents you’ll need to qualify for a business loan. The process of applying for a business loan can reach into nearly every corner of your financial history, personal and business, To avoid the stress of last-minute scrambling, we help you organize the necessary documents ahead of time.

We will help you update your business plan.

Updated Business Plan

Lenders want to know how the loan will be used and how the company plans to grow. You should be able to thoroughly discuss the age and stability of your company in its industry. Be ready to share an up-to-date copy of your business plan, which includes projected financial statements and a plan for how you will pay the money back.

Don’t forget to include the resumes of key managers in your company and how they will make a difference. Even with all the financial numbers and documents, one of the critical business loan requirements is proof that the people who help operate your business have the relevant experience and credentials to repay the loan.